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Monday, January 26, 2015

Fourth of July Outfits

The Fourth of July is a big holiday where we live. We have a huge fireworks show, a parade, and a lots of family coming to visit.  I really wanted to make some homemade outfits for the twins, so I did!

My sweetest girl and boy!

For Sissy I made a romper from this tutorial from Made-By-Rae.
It is a great tutorial, very easy to follow and it turned out great.  I will definitely be making some more for her to wear this summer.

The twins first golf cart ride.

For Bubby I made a suspender onesie with a bow tie. I love how it turned out!
Bubby in his cute outfit.

I also made a matching shirt for my niece using the same technique as the romper, but just finishing it off with a hem instead of a snap closure.

Sister Cousins!

I just love sewing for my kids and I am excited to make some more rompers this summer.
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Friday, January 23, 2015

Family Scrappy Quilt

Several years ago I came up with the idea to make a scrappy quilt from scrap fabric from my grandmother, mother, sisters and myself.  I believe I talked about it on my blog a couple years ago. Well, I finally finished the project a couple months before the twins were born.

One of my favorite pictures of Bubby and Sissy on the Memory Quilt

Half of the squares are made in a pattern I made up with inspiration from this quilt.

The other half is a Greek Cross square that I made from the book Egg Money Quilts that my neighbor let me borrow.

I love the Greek Cross squares and I would love to do a whole quilt with that pattern sometime in the future. 

It took a long time to finish this quilt- I had originally been going to make it into a king size quilt, but when I found out we were having twins I decided to just do a throw quilt and make sure and get it done before the babies came!

We love this quilt- it is so comfortable to cuddle with. Also we can tell stories about where all of the scraps on the quilt came from, which is so wonderful.  I tied the quilt and bound it with store bought quilt binding.
I would love to make my own binding, but once again I was trying to get it done before the babies came.  

Have you made any memory quilts? What designs have you used?

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

I'm Back and I have a New Blog

It has been just too too long since I have posted on here. I finally feel like I have enough energy to put into blogging again! I have some great projects I look forward to sharing here and I have a new wellness blog that I would love to share with my readers!

The first post describes pretty well what the focus of the blog will be, so check it out and if you think you will be interested be sure to follow along!

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Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Twins' Care Bear Nursery

For the twins nursery I wanted to do something bright and cheery that they could enjoy for a while.  I love classic care bears and decided to use those type of colors for the nursery. Also the Care Bear quilts would go good with the decor. We had already painted the room yellow when we moved into our house 3 years ago (planning that it would be a gender neutral nursery).

Their changing station- my husband's great grandfather made this changing station for him as a baby and it is still in great shape for us to use for the twins- there is storage behind the doors which works perfectly for holding cloth diaper covers, cloth wipes, receiving blankets and burp clothes!

We kept the twin bed in the bed room because I knew with twins I would be spending a lot of nights in the nursery. I sewed the curtains and matching pillow covers several years ago for a house I had in college. I made the care bear pillow to match the rest of the decor.

A book shelf for holding toys and books.

Little Man's bassinet/pack and play with his quilt hanging above it.

My sister drew this picture for the twins before they were born.

Diaper basket with all of their GMD newborn pre folds ready to go. It makes me sad that they have almost outgrown their newborn  pre folds already!

I made the cradle pad cover from leftover quilt fabric.

Care Bear lamp along with little monsters from my other sister.

I made this cross stitch as soon as I knew I was pregnant.  It was done before we even knew we were having twins and it hangs in the nursery. It is a design that came from Care Bear Baby Book.

The changing station. The babies love the little rattles while they are getting their diapers changed.  I made the changing pad cover using this tutorial from Family Julius.

For the rainbow and cloud mobiles I used a Rainbow Brite Mobile pattern that I altered to fit my needs. I used felt for the rainbow, stars and hearts. I used a cotton fabric for the clouds. I love the way it looks in the corner of the room and the twins already love staring at it as it moves.

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Care Bear Baby Quilts for Twins

I had previously posted finished Care Bear Cross stitches on my blog. I had always wanted to make a baby quilt out of them when the time came.  I had four of them all ready to go- bedtime bear, good luck bear, cozy heart penguin and proud heart cat (yes I am a nerd who knows all the names of the Care Bears and the Care Bear Cousins!).  But then I found out we were having twins! I knew I wouldn't have time to stitch four more Care Bears, so I altered the quilt design to have an appliqué in the center square and put their name with a border on the lower right square.  Then I stitched Baby Hugs and Baby Tugs Bear which was perfect for Little Man and Little Lady's quilts!

The finished quilt for Little Lady.

I used the quilt as you go method to put these quilts together, because I don't have a quilting machine at home and I knew the shop I usually take quilts to couldn't have them done in time for the babies' arrival.  There was definitely a learning curve with getting the back to line up right, so Little Lady's quilt is definitely sewn better than Little Man's because I did it second.  It is a method I would use again, but probably only on quilts this small or smaller.

The finished quilt for Little Man.

The quilts hang in their nursery and I love how cheerful they look on the walls.  I also use them as a background for the twins monthly growth pictures. 

 Little Lady at 2 Months

Little Man at 2 Months.

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